– Dave Lindsey, Chairman, Defenders

We are highly invested in the growth of our people we have partnered with like-minded companies through a nonprofit organization called trueU, who’s foundation is grounded in these core pillars: GROW, CONNECT, SERVE. As a member, we have opened up opportunities for all of our employees to grow through online courses, in-person classes, and book resources in areas such as personal finance, time management, servant leadership, and health & wellness, among other areas. Additionally, we select identified leaders within our organization to participate in a 6 month Leadership in Training (LIT) program that includes a home building service project in Mexico through Youth With A Mission (YWAM), a global relief organization.



It is our pledge. It is our culture. It is the voice behind our personality. We are many in strength and number, but in spirit and vision, we are one. Our culture is built around our people. Without them we have no substance; no depth. Our pledge was drafted by the people and is carried out by the same. It is founded in personal accountability, mutual respect, and sincere unity of mind. All of the aforementioned traits of Touchstone — our tone of voice, our personality, our vision — are all born from the DNA of our culture. It is ingrained into our work, into our processes, and into the very collections that we build.

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